used air makeup unit for paint booth

PAINT BOOTH HEATER Perfect for restaurants, open face paint booths, small enclosed booths. An air make-up unit, which supplies conditioned and filtered air to the booth, may be required to minimize temperature variations and remove particles that compromise finish quality. $8,000.00 or best offer. Lightly used. Installation extra, ask for quote. PAINT BOOTH HEATER: Thermotek vertical, natural gas recirculating heated air make up Model TTV-M15. of coatings. This helps to eliminate air swirls and it also gives you a little bit of out pressure when you open a door, thus preventing dusty shop air from entering the booth. You can do this because most air makeup units have squirrel cage fans. 2020 WEATHER-RITE TOT-236 HHL AIR MAKE UP UNIT [FE-010833] Manufacturer: WEATHER-RITE; Natural gas fired 100% Air Discharge Air Make-Up Unit, generates 7,344,000 BTU with 2" FM gas train. Had to install a larger one in our shop. __ 75 HP ODP Single Speed Standard Efficiency Motor with … These units provide an economic source of replacement air and are furnished with heater, filters, motor and blower, controls, mounting hardware and auxiliary equipment. Make sure that your air makeup unit is set at about 100 cfm higher than your exhaust system. Call 705-327-1567 ask for Jeff or Barry. Used 1 million BTU paint booth air make up unit, propane gas, can be converted to natural gas, excellent running condition. One of the key components of an industrial paint spray booth is the air makeup unit. 5,000 CFM, 5 HP 230V/1 phase, 514,800 BTU. $7,500 Two end units in photo get bolted on top of each other.

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