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The number of COVID-19 patients hospitalized at St. Michael has doubled since the start of November, leading to as many as 16 patients at the hospital last week. If everyone else in your household remains well, then only the child who was exposed to the classmate with COVID-19 needs to self-isolate for 14 days after the exposure. St. Joseph's Health and St. Joseph's Health Foundation recognize the significant impact that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has on our colleagues and our community. If the exposure is over then it is best to wait five to seven days before seeking a test. Find Gifts for Every Occasion. If there are persistent, new, or worsening symptoms and no alternative diagnosis then repeat testing may be considered by your health care provider. If you do not receive a confirmation email after 10 minutes, please call the Assessment Centre where you booked to ensure your appointment is confirmed: There is a button in the confirmation email and/or a link in the SMS confirmation that you can click on to cancel your appointment. The number of COVID-19 patients hospitalized at St. Michael has doubled since the start of November, leading to as many as 16 patients at the hospital last week. If you have no symptoms of COVID-19 there is no recommendation to undergo testing while in the required 14-day quarantine. Please note: In order to access your results online once they are available, you will need to bring a valid green Ontario photo health card with you to the Assessment Centre when you come for a test. The number of confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patients hospitalized has doubled this month, rising from 471 on Nov. 1 to 932 on Monday. I have symptoms of COVID-19 but my testing is negative, do I still need to worry about COVID-19? If there is no known exposure to COVID-19, then household contacts should speak to their health care providers or public health units about the need to self-isolate. The Toronto Trauma Centre St. Michael's is dealing with a COVID-19 outbreak. If your symptoms improve then no further testing is needed. St. Michaels Hospital is inviting expressions of interest from healthcare workers looking for full time or part time positions – to meet the rising demand in a number of areas following the national outbreak of COVID – 19. I’m facing technical issues with the online booking tool, how can I book an appointment still? “We know for certain that when COVID activity increases in the community, hospitals and health care workers are at risk, despite our best efforts to limit the spread," he said. You can also call to cancel or change your appointment: We apologize that you are experiencing issues with the UnityConnect tool. Is my appointment confirmed? My child is attending school and has symptoms consistent COVID-19, what should the household do while awaiting test results? At the St. Joseph’s Assessment Centre, we recommend that anyone one year old and younger with respiratory symptoms go to the Emergency Department. Top neurologist Dr. Jiwon Oh takes the helm of the BARLO MS Centre. St. Michael's LI KA SHING KNOWLEDGE INSTITUTE. You can also access your result through MyChart at if you have already registered for MyChart. Hospital officials did not comment about the number of COVID-19 cases at St. Michael hospital. You will only be allowed to enter the Assessment Centre if you are being tested or if you are a guardian or caregiver for a family member in the same household (1 per family member). If you meet the provincial testing guidelines , you will be seen by a member of our health care team in an isolated space. Please click here for a document with helpful tips for preparing your child for a COVID-19 test. To reach the St. Joseph’s COVID-19 Assessment Centre, please call, To reach the St. Michael’s COVID-19 Assessment Centre, please call. My child has no symptoms. Follow-up instructions for individuals tested for COVID-19, Follow-up instructions for school students, staff and visitors tested for COVID-19, Know when to self-monitor, self-isolate or send your child to school. It is expected that workers who have tested positive abide by, Yes, you need an appointment to get tested at our Assessment Centres. If you would like more information about how we can accommodate your or your family member’s needs, please call us at: Both the St. Michael’s and St. Joseph’s assessment centres are located outside of the main hospital buildings. Children under the age of 14 should be accompanied by an adult. I need my results quickly as I am travelling. You can only book a maximum of three people for each timeslot and all individuals must meet the, For a full list of symptoms and signs of COVID-19, please see, Workers are not required to provide proof of a negative test result or a positive serological test result to their employers in order to return to work. Although we cannot guarantee that results will be available by a specific date, our turnaround times typically meet expected timelines.

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