sapele danish oil

Danish oil is for all woods including Teak wood, plum, pear, walnut, willow, totara, Sapele, and many other planks of wood. Watco Danish Oil is actually for interior wood with a varnish additive. Watco Danish oil from a local hardware store works fine, it’s a thinner oil so we usually put on at least one more coat to help build the finish on the wood. It’s been nearly 24 hours and the surface is still tacky to the touch. The difference in appearance will be nearly nil since you would be using an oil based varnish. It has the finishing properties of a true wood oil with the protective feature of a varnish. Watco Danish Oil – Great Performance on Tight Grained Woods. I had a little trouble with it getting tacky when I tried to wipe off the excess after letting it soak in. It is also used mainly for boat, bow and arrowwood, kitchenware, and boxes woods! I put a coat of danish oil on yesterday. The information in this blog post applies to all oil finishes. I’m finishing some wood panels made from Sapele. I assume you meant 100% or pure tung oil, not one of the many tung oil "finish" products that are not tung oil but are varnishes (Formby's) or oil varnish mixes (Minwax). The Walnut color brings out a deep, warm tone to the wood. Tried and true oil, is a good choice for a project you want food safe. I’m in Florida and they are sitting in a warm, humid outdoor workshop. 2.

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