panasonic vs samsung ac

A mini-split is an efficient, scalable way to add cooling or heating to specific rooms of a home. Panasonic CS-A18PKYP 1.5 Ton Split AC vs Samsung AR18JC3HATP 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC comparison on basis of noise, type, capacity, reviews & ratings and much more with full phone specifications at Gadgets Now Panasonic must be suffering. Normally couldn't get that under $800. Chinese (teco, sharp, kelvinator)< Korean (LG, samsung) < Japanese (mits, pana, fujitsu, daikin). Google samsung option codes to know how much a PITA they can be. Reactions: Criminal. Super Mod. vyral_143 Jarvis. The difference is that except Daikin, other brands have lower spec and lower priced AC's as well in their product lineup. Compare street price of any AC from DAIKIN,Panasonic, LG, Voltas, Samsung or even Onida or Godrej; with similar specs they will be priced at similar level. Take advantage and buy the pana, it's in a completely different league than the samsung. Compare LG JS-Q18NPXA 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC vs Samsung AR18JV5HATQ 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC; Compare Hitachi Kaze Plus RAW511KUD 1 Ton 5 Star Window AC vs Panasonic 1 Ton 3 Star Window AC - White (CW-YC1216YA R22, Copper Condenser) vs Voltas 1 Ton 5 Star Window AC (Copper, 125 DY/125 DZA, White)

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