of grammar rules

The order of a basic positive sentence is Subject-Verb-Object. ❌ ❌, Two lakhs people attended the ceremony. ✔️ The two brothers loved one another.❌ ❌ ✔️ 1) When the sentence is introduced by an adverb. The number of tourists has gradually fallen off. ⚫ RULE 21-After let, if a Pronoun is used, that Pronoun must be in the Objective Case. The words there, their and they're are three different words with different meanings. Meera  is the smartest girl whom I have ever met. 2) When the verb is meant to express a wish or prayer. 12. For the Complete 100 Golden Grammar Rules of English, Download the pdf Q.Of the(a) / two sisters who(b) / is more intelligent? 7. So, there is no Subject of Reference for ‘considering, still the sentence is correct.) If a preposition connects two similar nouns , the noun is used in singular form and takes a singular verb. ⚫ RULE 18- A Noun or Pronoun governing a Gerund should be put in the possessive case.  You need not to work hard.❌ ❌ Solution : The error is in (b) Note that an imperative sentence may have a verb only, but the subject is understood. For example, ✔️, We adapt to the environment.❌ Grammar rule #2: A complete sentence must include a subject and a predicate ✔️, One must not boast of one’s own success.✔️, Click here for the Practice questions (with detailed solution) based on Pronoun, Anyone of these two roads leads to the airport.❌, Either of these two roads leads to the airport.✔️. ◼️RULE 5 ⚫RULE 32 -when a subject becomes  receiver of an action, following verbs take reflexive pronoun : Acquit, Absent, Avail, Reconcile, Amuse, Resign, Adapt, Adjust, Pride etc This reference can be used for term papers, grammar class reviews, or simply for anyone confused or curious about the basics of English grammar . She never has, and never will take such strong measures.❌ ✔️, I heard him to speak on several subjects.❌, Being ill, I could not attend the class. Replace ‘who’ with ‘which‘. ⚫ RULE 20- When two or more Singular Nouns joined by ‘and’ refer to the same person or thing, a Pronoun used for them must be in the singular. They may refer to two or more than two objects or person. ❌, Sheetal is used to waking up early morning. Q. ⚫RULE 6 – some nouns such as Separation, Excuse, Sight, Mention, Report, Pardon, Favour are not used with a noun or pronoun in the possessive form.  Three were killed and one was injured in the mob violence. Irregular Plurals. ⚫ RULE 23-  If the Singular Subjects are preceded by each or every, the Verb is usually Singular. Before you proceed to the 100 Golden Grammar Rules of English, let me take you through. Please excuse my being late.✔️ ✔️ They may refer to two or more than two objects or person, Each boy and each teacher is required to bring their luggage. ❌ Having been typed the letter, it was posted. . 2. 5. She had better go now.✔️ You need not work hard.✔️ 6. Many an accident has taken place.✔️  ⚫RULE 30 – Generally, ‘A large number of’  is followed by a singular verb while ‘The large number of is followed by a plural verb. The topics of these rules … ⚫ RULE 50-  Two auxiliaries can be used with one principal Verb, only when the form of the principal Verb is appropriate to both the auxiliaries. Example – The police has become insensitive. ❌      We adapt ourselves to the environment. If I were she, I would not do it.✔️ Considering the case, I took the decision.✔️ Neither of the two girls(a) / have been invited(b) / to the party(c) /No error Meera  is the smartest girl that I have ever met. Let you and I do it.❌ Here are 20 simple rules and tips to help you avoid mistakes in English grammar. Treat collective nouns (eg committee, company, board of directors) as singular OR plural.

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