how to visualize a ton of co2

One ton of CO2 is enough to endanger the atmosphere above 1,429,000 square inches ( 2,000 lb. I'm afraid 'fracking production' of Methane may have a much sloppier leak-at-the-production field than old style production. Contact Us The thing that always surprises me (but it shouldn't) is that the emissions have more mass that the fuel burned - because of the oxygen from the air gets combined with the carbon. Anyway, I'll see what I can do. Can we count on you? Right? $40 per ton carbon tax! >> Also, the numbers you cite for gas do not include the methane leaks, which are significant. Posted by Sherry Listgarten, a Palo Alto Online blogger, @Mitchell, thanks for the suggestion. For businesses, our Corporate Sustainability Plans can help you with your emission reduction goals. Steel is almost completely dependent on coal for production, and, cement for concrete is frequently produced with coal. This tool uses different formulas to break down how much pollution individuals, businesses and events create. It is often called the metric tonne. The first paragraph is incorrect. Wow! Diesel fuel and heating oil 161.3 Then Help Our Local Restaurants! Right: A single hour of the city’s CO 2 emissions amounts to 6,204 metric tons. But a gallon of water weighs eight pounds, and we can all visualize a gallon jug of water.In writing this blog post, I had to go back to high school chemistry, dredge my memories of units of measurement like moles and check a variety of web sites with a spreadsheet. Obituaries, Send News Tips Mobile site. You operate at a low-enough temperature differential (moving heat from outside Palo Alto air to inside your house air) they operate at much higher efficiency that 'just burning it.' Regarding a carbon tax, the initial price matters, but it's important to also pay attention to the way the price changes over time. Sponsored content Home & Real Estate The new company "Heliogen" seems to have a new system running that will be big enough, hot enough, and cheap enough to be an affordable replacement for coal. That seems like I'm living large and I need to work on further reducing my impact on other people, especially future people. Thank you. TownSquare One suggestion is that when you get to discussing what we have in store for us if we can't reduce atmospheric carbon dramatically, is to use 2030 or 2040 as the touch points. This means the CO2 emitted from this driving is 10,000 Lbs or 5 tons per year. ). Coal (subbituminous) 214.3 By Sherry Listgarten | 12 comments | 3,427 views, Gates sets an example for local billionaires to emulate For many families that have two cars, one of which is an SUV, that would be 9 extra cans on trash day for each house in a residential neighborhood. At atmospheric pressure and room temperature, a ton of carbon dioxide takes up V=nRT/P=(1,000,000 g / 44 g/mol) * 8.2E-5 m^3 atm K^-1 mol^-1 * 293 K / 1 atm = 546 m^3, so the interior of about 1100 good-sized household refrigerators. New York City emitted one sphere’s worth of carbon dioxide every 0.58 seconds in 2010. Advertising Info @Anon, FWIW, coal has many problems besides carbon dioxide emissions, including dangerous particulates and waste (e.g., coal ash). But since essentially none of us over the age of 15 will be alive then, I think that for most people this counts as the distant future. By Chandrama Anderson | 0 comments | 1,271 views, Having A "Turkey-Less" Menlo Park Thanksgiving? Wait, isn’t CO2 a gas? Terms of Use By Dana Hendrickson | 2 comments | 482 views. Our breathing is obviously a very small proportion of our daily emissions*, and one of the harder things to cut back on (!) Thanks Shelly for doing the Math/Science in a well formed instructional session! "Climate change makes xyz 30% more likely". This is a pretty good amount. Print Edition/Archives So each week this much CO2 is dumped into the atmosphere , for free, each week for the average car or as you point out twice this much for an SUV. One ton of something (in this case, a car) in the sky. I mean, that’s like 2 million elephants. Follow this blogger. Better to describe the disasters that we and our children will experience over the next two decades. That needs to change. The uncertainties are even greater over the short-term, though we are already experiencing impacts. By Laura Stec | 3 comments | 1,675 views, Couples and Premarital: Personal Weather Report (TM) Web Link Picture a football field, and then imagine a round balloon with one end lined up on the goal line and the other on the 10 yards line – that is, a balloon with a diameter of 10 yards. >> @Anon, FWIW, coal has many problems besides carbon dioxide emissions, including dangerous particulates and waste (e.g., coal ash). Of course it should read the same time as a pint became 16 fluid ounces instead of 20 fluid ounces. (I did find … Left: A street-level view shows the scale of the one-metric-ton spheres, assuming the CO 2 gas is held at standard pressure. PR MediaRelease I think it's a good one, though the answers may not be as crisp as you'd like. "www theguardian com/" environment/2017/jun/20/exxon-bp-shell-oil-climate-change . The tool at allows people to see a physical layer of CO2 emitted by a country, city, energy source, over a period of time placed over a … In a similar way, water vapor is part of a very short-term cycle, so even though it is extremely effective at retaining heat, scientists don’t seem to focus on it as much. Agreed. Our knowledge is also limited. Home A ton is a unit of measurement in US as 2000 lbs. The World Resources Institute has posted a really well-done interactive visualization on the history and the sources of human-caused CO2 emissions. One of the tricky things about reporting on the impacts of climate change is that they are so often couched in terms of probabilities. Propane 139.0 They make us aware of our carbon footprint with the goal of reducing it. Higher fuel prices have been the biggest driver for the "yellow vest" movement in France (helped along by foreign interference of course). Coincidentally that is the approximate size of an average small $2million Palo Alto residential property. Express / Weekend Express This car puts about two pounds of CO2 in the sky for every mile driven. Circulation & Delivery, About Us To stay below 1.5 C of warming, emissions in 2030 need to be 55% lower than in 2018. Web Link A ton is a unit of measurement in US as 2000 lbs. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook, where we’re always sharing tips and information on living an eco-friendly, green lifestyle. Coal (anthracite) 228.6 I expect it would make a big difference if all these problematic emissions were more visible. I apologize in advance if I made such a mistake myself. Sign up to be notified of new posts by this blogger. I've seen a number of writeups indicating that fracking may be related to the increased methane emissions over the last decade or so. The structure reflects the carbon footprint that an average citizen in an industrialized country produces in one month; this same amount is created by a U.S. citizen in only two weeks. Some examples are here and here. Unfortunately, a lot of people feel that cheap energy is a moral issue. The first challenge is in our everyday lives we usually think of liquids (and gases) in units of volume rather than weight. Many articles that summarize scientific projections talk about sea level rise and other events as of 2100.,,,,,,

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