how to cleanse citrine

This means it’s durable for jewelry as. The Truth About Fake Citrine at 3 min read, Only the best discounts & spiritual content, When you take proper care of your crystal charms, you’re doing yourself some good. © 2002 - document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); Gemological Institute of America Inc. GIA is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Immerse the jewelry in the jar of cleaner for a few minutes. You can do this at any time, although full moons make for the most powerful cleanse. Since ancient times, salt has been used to absorb negative vibrations. The same goes if the bracelet is feeling heavier and more dull than usual. Your crystal accessory has accumulated too much energy before reaching you. Hold the burning sage on your non-dominant hand. Is your citrine bracelet feeling dull and heavy? Picture the negative energy leaving the bracelet, and the stones glowing brighter with recharged energy. Sage smoke is also fantastic for cleansing stones of energy. Place your crystals in the saltwater bath and let them soak. Also, perform cleansing when you’re setting a new intention onto the stone. Cleansing is a way of restoring a crystal’s frequency to its natural state. Citrine is a variety of quartz crystal, so the quartz healing properties within these yellow stones have a strong vibration to amplify energy. Steam cleaning is not recommended, as citrine should not be subjected to heat. If you live near the sea, you can scoop fresh salt water and use it directly to cleanse your jewelry. This is ideal if you don’t want to risk damaging your crystal. Of course, if you decide to smudge them or give them Reiki occasionally, they certainly wouldn’t mind! One popular crystal to cleanse and purify citrine is selenite. Create a citrine grid for positive energy and protection in your home or office. 3 min read, by Lisa Wu October 17, 2020 This is especially true if you soak your jewelry piece in running water like streams, rivers, and rainwater. Hold the crystal charm and visualize your energy filling each bead. Place the glass on your windowsill, ideally facing the south, to charge in the sun. Although ritual cleansing is often centered around certain points in the solar or lunar … Sunlight will fade it. It’s been plucked from a mine, passed on to the artisans who polished and turned citrine into a bracelet, and then delivered to the jewelry store you bought it from. Citrine can also be damaged by hydrofluoric acid, ammonium fluoride, and alkaline solutions. Citrine rates a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. Just submerge your charm overnight in water with diluted table salt. You are renewing the energy of the stones, thus allowing you to maximize their full potential. Once you have cleaned the surface of your crystal bracelet, you can start restoring its vibrations. The more you use these stones, the more they become attuned to you. by Lisa Wu October 24, 2020 Alternatively, you can leave your charm under a full moon to increase its vibrations. But how do you cleanse a citrine stone? Due to its connection with the sun, a citrine bracelet can be cleansed under sunlight. As a stone belonging to the quartz family, citrine can also be charged using another stone from the same cluster. There are many ways to cleanse a citrine bracelet. Just imagine what the crystal went through before you became its owner. Magick: Citrine is used for drawing joy, wealth and abundance. Leave it for four hours or more. To cleanse using earth, you should wrap your citrine in a cloth bag and bury it in the ground for 24 hours. In this method, you direct your energy to the stone and place your intentions. Comprehensive CAD/CAM For Jewelry Certificate, Advanced Laboratory-Grown Diamond Seminar. Fill a sink with lukewarm water and one or two tablespoons of sea salt. Citrine can also be used to dispel nightmares. Comments will be approved before showing up. However, you can recharge. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of your citrine further. First, put the stopper in the sink. Aside from cleaning the surface, water can also wash out the negative energy store in your citrine stone. All rights reserved. The first thing to do is to clean the physical surface of your bracelet with water. Because it is tenaciously positive, it can be used to cleanse other stones. Meditate for at least one minute per bead. If you feel like there’s a lot of negative energy stored in the beads, continue cleansing for an additional 30 seconds. Sage is a sacred plant that is believed to clear low vibrational frequencies stored in your bracelet. How Do You Cleanse Your Citrine Bracelet. Crystals like citrine are known for their ability to store energy. Otherwise, leave under a holly or ivy plant in the shade. ; Soak the citrine ring in the water for about 30 minutes. Sound can wash away any stuck or stored energy in your accessory. The more you practice this method, the more the cleansing will come naturally. Place your citrine bracelet on top of selenite for four hours or more. Care and Cleansing. Then, move the wealth charm through the smoke. When you take proper care of your crystal charms, you’re doing yourself some good. That’s why salt is also a great way to rid your bracelet of unwanted energy. Natural light. it on Litha by leaving your citrine in a place where it can greet the dawn. Citrine will radiate … You can simply rinse the crystal in water, or you can follow up by placing the crystal in a clear glass filled with water. Also, Clear Quartz, Carnelian, and Amethyst cleanse other crystals (but may need some cleaning themselves afterwards!) Here, you’ll learn how to cleanse your citrine bracelet so you can restore its vibrations. Use the strainer to remove the jewelry and brush it gently.

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