hipshot ultralite bass tuners 1/2

Ultralite bass tuners 1/2" clover key chrome or black. Picture Information. Hipshot® Ultralight Tuners HB6C(Clover or Lollipop) 3/8"/10mm Chrome-Satin Black . $17.60. Hipshot Ultralite LIC Tuner HB6Y 1/2 Satin Chrome Single Bass tuner treble side. Opens image gallery. Hipshot Ultralite LIC Tuner HB6C 1/2 Satin Chrome - Single Bass tuner Manufacturers Part Number: 20675KC Heavy bass tuners add unnecessary weight to … NEW Hipshot HB6 1/2" Ultralite Bass Tuner, Clover, Bass Side - SHINY CHROME. Picture Information. Opens image gallery. Chrome-Satin Black . Hipshot Ultralite LIC Tuner HB6Y 1/2 Chrome plated Single Bass tuner treble side. Hipshot Ultralight Tuning Machines are a high quality lightweight alternative to the Vintage Style tuners available for any bass with a 9/16" or 11/16" headstock hole. Two different size options exist: 3/8" for 9/16" headstock holes, and 1/2" for 11/16" headstock holes. NEW - Auth Dealer. Free shipping . $24.95. $14.80. Hipshot Ultralite USA Tuner HB6Y 1/2 Black - Bass Side. Free shipping . high quality tonewood, bass bodies, hardware, pickups and production services for gearbuilders Image not available. Hipshot Ultralight Tuners. Chrome-Shiny Gold *Prices are per tuner, either bass … Image not available. Free shipping . Free shipping . Chrome-Shiny Gold 1/2"/13mm. $30.49.

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