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Minor problems include snails and earwigs that may crawl up the plants, and aphids, mealybugs, moths, fruit flies or spider mites that you can hose off with a strong spray of water. The shorter days & cooler evenings play into this. Easy does it – 1/4 to 1/2? This I’m not 100% sure of because SOBs isn’t on the ASPCA list. To protect against winds, place the banana's pot next to a fence or in a sheltered spot. © 2020 Joy Us Garden | Care, Propagation, and Pruning About | Contact | PRIVACY POLICYDesign By Viva la Violet, Mother Nature Inspired Christmas Ornaments, « How To Grow A String Of Bananas Plant Outdoors, How I Prune, Propagate & Train My Stunning Hoya ». Samantha – Mine flowered profusely this year too. I give most of my houseplants a light application of worm compost with a light layer of compost over that every spring. The bananas don’t dry out like some of the pearls and their stems tend to. My String Of Bananas grows moderate to fast outdoors. This 1, like all succulents, is subject to root rot. This trailing succulent needs as much light as you can give it indoors; a medium to high exposure. Potted bananas may flower or fruit if you provide them with adequate light and care, but note that bananas require 10 to 15 months of uninterrupted growth to flower, and another four to eight to set fruit. Typically associated with the tropics, banana trees are some of the most popular trees for gardeners to grow. grown in a pot provides the same large, dramatic leaves and, in some cases, equally dramatic flowers, as a banana grown in the ground. A more serious possibility are gophers, whose digging could cause the plant to fall over. If a String Of Bananas gets too wet & doesn’t dry out, it could rot & the stems & bananas (the leaves) will turn to mush. I’ve found some String of Bananas plants for sale on Etsy from these stores. For protection against cold temperatures, set the container in the warmest part of your yard or deck, such as next to a building or near to an asphalt driveway. Thank you for helping us spread the word & make the world a more beautiful place! Unless they have very bright indoor lighting, indoor bananas are usually treated as foliage plants. Give Dr. Earth’s a try if you can’t find anywhere you live. You may want to up the ante on the drainage factor which lessens the chance of rot by adding some pumice or perlite. Bananas grow in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 7 through 11, depending on the species. If you live in a cold climate, your String Of Bananas would greatly appreciate a summer vacation in the great outdoors. Required fields are marked *. I read from your post to not put it above a register vent. During the […], Your email address will not be published. I’m tickled pink to have you here! Everyone seems to be madly in love with that wacky and wonderful succulent String Of Pearls and rightfully so. It’s fast & easy. It trails down much faster than it spreads. Winds, cold temperatures and frost can all damage your banana. Those trails can reach  6′ long. If your banana is too large to fit inside, you have two options: Except for the potential of root rot from overwatering, banana plants have no significant pest or disease problems. Continue to keep the soil moist, and reduce feeding to once a month. Now that we’re going into winter, be sure not to water it too often. Like outdoor banana plants, an indoor plant also requires bright sunlight for about 12 hours. It’s the same mix which I use for my succulents growing outdoors. String Of Bananas are sold in 3″, 4″ & 6″ pots. If for some reason you think your String Of Bananas needs another application, do it again in summer. Make sure the crown of the plant (the top part where all the stems grow out of) is no further down in the pot than 1″. Nell. Keeping the plant in a container that is too small, not feeding or generally being "cruel" will mean the maximum height will never be achieved (which might be your intention if space is sparse). As I always say: if your home is comfortable for you, then your plants will be happy too. To grow a banana plant inside, first of all you will need a pot, large and deep enough to accommodate its roots. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a5abccecae42c303ea093c5c35708290" );document.getElementById("d9f777b101").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Hi, I’m Nell, and this is where I celebrate all things garden and share my passion for plants, flowers and the great outdoors. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. After the first frost, cut back the leaves, leaving them 6 to 8 inches long, and place the pot in a cool, dark spot. As soon as frosts are predicted, remove the banana and its root ball from the container. It can also be placed in a decorative pot & put atop a bookcase, shelf, ledge, etc so it can hang down & show off those beautiful trails. I never heard of them before but I thought they were so cute! I just got my string of bananas & I left a regular light on, and the top my bananas, the new growth look like it was burnt ?. 10 Reasons Why Your String Of Pearls Isn't Growing Indoors, Indoor Plants 101 - a guide to thriving plant life - Coffee Addict Mama. 05/29/2018. There's no need for watering, and you can expect the plant's foliage to die back. Like my string of banana plant. Lundman belongs to numerous gardening groups, tends her home garden on 2/3 acre and volunteers with professional horticulturists at a 180 acre public garden where she lives on Bainbridge Island in Washington State. Just like the string of pearls, the little white flowers smell like cinnamon! You can read our policies here. They also need lots of water to keep their large leaves well hydrated. So I moved it to a different room. I use Tank’s local compost. It’s hard to say exactly because so many factors play into this (you can see what I mean in houseplant watering 101) but every 2-3 weeks is good ballpark. Shriveling bananas are commonly due to lack of water at some point. This 1 is easier to keep alive and just as attractive; in my humble opinion anyway. Nell. You can expect a moderate growth rate indoors given the plant has enough light. The bloom time here is winter as for a lot of succulents. Succulents need a loose mix so the roots don’t rot. Check the soil in your container frequently, especially in hot summer temperatures and if the plant is indoors where humidity might be low. Because they’re related to String Of Pearls which are considered to be toxic, I’d say this 1 is too. You can see tiny roots forming off a few of the mature stems. A banana tree (Musa spp.) If you can’t find a mix locally, here’s a mix you can buy online. Here’s why I think growing String Of Bananas as a houseplant is easier than its Senecio relative String Of Pearls. Did you know there’s another adorable  “string” succulent on the block? The Dwarf Banana Tree is a tropical plant with broad paddle-shaped leaves that grow out from its stalky center. Even though this plant can tolerate a wide swing of temperatures outdoors, make sure it’s not sitting next to or on a heater or air conditioner. They aren’t as fragrant as the String Of Pearls flowers but they’re pretty none the less. If your banana was not planted in a rich, well-draining soil with plenty of humus, consider repotting it to give it the conditions it needs. Mine is strictly indoors and is a prolific grower and flowerer. Here are those cute little banana-shaped leaves. If the bananas get thin, it’s usually due to a lack of light or lack of water. When you bring your String Of Bananas back inside for the cold months, be sure to give it a good hosing down (gently – not like a firehose blast) to knock off any hitchhiking pests &/or their eggs. All types can grow in pots, indoors and out. If it’s in lower light, it won’t grow much if at all. Just be sure to keep it out of hot, direct sun (especially in the summer months) & make sure it’s not touching any hot glass. Continue to give the banana plant as much light as you can during the winter, placing it in a south-facing window with direct sunlight. Don’t keep it constantly moist but don’t let it go dry for too long. With a little know-how it’s perfectly doable to grow one indoors. To grow a banana plant inside, first of all you will need a pot, large and deep enough to accommodate its roots. So sweet! Perhaps the most obvious way to successfully overwinter a banana tree is to grow it in a container and bring it indoors … Yes, it’ best to keep it away from any heating or cooling vents. If you go this route, easy does it. Place the roots in a plastic bag, leaving the foliage outside the bag, and store the plant in the basement or garage.

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